Finally, An Inexpensive Embroidery Design Organizer System That Doesn't Require Fancy Software, Takes Minutes To Setup, And Is Easy To Use . . . Guaranteed!

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Stop Wasting Valuable Time Looking For Your Designs!

Dear Fellow Embroiderers and Quilters,

The Embroidery Design Organizer system was developed out of frustration, stress and sometimes anger at not finding the design I wanted or the design that I had just used the day before.  All of my designs were jumbled into Vendor CDs, and unlabeled or unmarked individual designs.  I could not tell what was what or where the designs were located.  I searched and searched online and found several software solutions but they were expensive, difficult to learn, and very time consuming.

After developing the design organizer system, I started sharing it with my friends, family, and business associates.  They all offered me money for the product and suggested that I sell this to the masses because EVERYONE should be using it!


  • No software to install
  • No lengthy manual to read
  • Faster than any software on the market
  • Easier to add new categories
  • No messing with trial periods
  • Takes the stress out of finding designs

I know you are probably thinking…

Who the heck is Susan Bryan??

I am an avid and dedicated embroiderer and quilter who operates out of my home in Houston, TX.  I have tried to share my knowledge of embroidery and quilting with my family and friends and I continue to work on new ideas to help other embroiderers and quilters with anything from organization to techniques.  I am married, have 4 sons, 4 grandchildren, and one great-grandson who all proudly have embroidered homemade quilts by Susan (that’s me).  If I am not working at home in “My Studio”, Peter and I are traveling the country in our RV.

It took me over 2-1/2 years to develop this valuable embroidery tool.

Raving Fans Of The Embroidery Design Organizer

I don’t expect you to take my word for it though, listen to what a couple of recent buyers said about the system:

“I was a novice when it came to computers. I had trouble downloading my designs to my embroidery machine, but more importantly, was wasting enormous amounts of time trying to find the designs I wanted on the computer. I did not have the computer knowledge to buy and use the fancy software for organizing designs. Susan’s system was easy to install, even easier to learn how to use, and within 5 minutes I was finding the design I wanted and downloading it to my machine. You will find it well worth the money. I highly recommend it. “
Paula Welsch, Cypress, TX, Embroiderer & Quilter
“Before I found this system, I had trouble finding the designs that I wanted. I would get frustrated and irritated. The system that Susan has developed has helped me increase my embroidery creativity and productivity as well as, making it more enjoyable. I was WOW’d at how easy it is to find designs. I would highly recommend this system to anyone who does machine embroidery. “
Diane Severns, Ft. Myers, FL, Embroiderer & Quilter

By now I am sure you are wondering:

How Much Does It Cost?

My friends have offered me different amounts for the system, $300, $200, and even $100, but I feel all of those prices are too high, I wanted something that was affordable for all embroiderers (professionals and crafters). So I am going to offer this valuable tool to you for only:

A One Time Payment Of  $47

I am so sure that you will love my embroidery organization system, that I am going to give you my iron clad, 100% money back guarantee. Here it is:

Our 30Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, you can email me and request a prompt refund of your money! So you have no risk, download the system and start enjoying all the benefits today.

  • A proven, simple system for quickly locating designs
  • A system that understands the true needs of the machine embroiderer
  • To increase your productivity, creativity, and have more time doing what you enjoy most…machine embroidery.